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Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change

Program Session(s):
February 9, 2015 - May 15, 2015

Application Deadline(s):
December 9, 2014

Program Fee:$1,800

An online program.

Faculty Chair(s):
Marshall Ganz



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Watch alumni of Leadership, Organizing, and Action tell the story of how they got involved in organizing, what brought them to the course, and their takeaways after completing the program. Visit Faculty Chair Marshall Ganz's "Leading Change Network" YouTube channel to view additional videos featuring alumni of the online program.

Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change is an online opportunity to learn how to organize communities to mobilize their resources to create the power they need to make change. Effective organizing requires learning to identify, recruit, and develop leadership, build community around that leadership, and build power from the resources of that community.

This course offers a unique opportunity to learn on line by interacting with leaders of civic associations, social movements, advocacy groups and nonprofits around the world and Professor Marshall Ganz of Harvard Kennedy School. Professor Ganz and his associates have coached people to use community organizing and leadership practices in social movements, electoral campaigns, community organizing, classroom instruction, workshops, lectures, writing – and now Executive Education Online.

As reflective practitioners, participants in this program will learn from critical analysis of their leadership of an organizing project for which they are responsible. An organizing project requires (a) mobilizing a constituency to (b) collaborate with each other, to (c) achieve a real change. Students learn why this approach is most effective in addressing problems of power: enabling people to mobilize the power/resources they need to solve their problems by working together or by challenging others who hold power over them. A successful organizing project solves a community problem, creates new community capacity, and develops new community leadership. Please find below an example from our class last year.

LOA 2012 Sample Case Study

VIDEO: Watch a session of Leadership, Organizing, and Action, and hear from participants in this past year's program discuss their organizing projects - a key aspect of the online program's curriculum.

Read about a past participant's experience from beginning to end of Leadership, Organizing and Action.

“This course showed how necessary it is to connect, strength relationship and provide a meaning to the group. Now in my organizing campaigns I start with the people and our stories. The first step for a powerful shared dream of change."

-Felipe Sierra (Spain, International Institute for Nonviolent Action (NOVACT)) - LOA 2013 Participant

"The narrative and coaching work is a refreshing antidote to the impersonal, hyper-corporatization of non-profit work, allowing change agents to work strategically with whole people and whole communities. The iterative process of testing, reflecting and refining embedded in every aspect of the work left me feeling liberated from the trap of perfect planning and feeling confident about leading my community into uncertainty.”

-Ashley Arden (Canada, Stonehouse Institute) - LOA 2013 Participant

“I had studied online before and felt that it did not get me anything like a classroom experience, so I was a little wary at first. But the technology set-up really was like you actually were sitting in a classroom. I loved meeting people from around the world and traveling with them over the three months as our campaigns developed.”

-Erica O’Rourke (Australia, PWD) - LOA 2013 Participant

"I feel I have become a better planner, a better listener and a better person at solving hard questions and more importantly I am more confident and more courageous to push for change.  I have learned the importance of building a community to demand change by believing in our shared values and by trusting in each other to take on responsibility. We are instilling a new culture of leadership in Jordan; one that is based on empowering and motivating others to take responsibility in order to achieve our common goals as opposed to one person leading on behalf of the rest!”

 -Randa Naffa (Jordan, SADAQA) - LOA 2013 Participant

Read and listen to an NPR report on the project of a 2011 LOA alumnus.


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