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Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change

Program Session(s):
February 9, 2015 - May 15, 2015

Application Deadline(s):
December 9, 2014

Program Fee:$1,800

An online program.

Faculty Chair(s):
Marshall Ganz



Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change is a 14-week online program. The course is organized into eight modules, each with a specific learning and/or project outcome. The curriculum focuses heavily on the dimensions of leadership and learning.


We define leadership as accepting responsibility to enable others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty. This program will explore how leadership is exercised through mastery of five practices, including:

  • Public Narrative
  • Building Relationships
  • Structuring Leadership Teams
  • Strategizing
  • Action

LEARNING: Organizing Projects

Hear from participants in this past year's program discuss their organizing projects - a key aspect of the online program's curriculum.

As reflective practitioners, participants in this program will learn from critical analysis of their leadership of an organizing project for which they are responsible. An organizing project requires (a) mobilizing a constituency to (b) collaborate with each other, to (c) achieve a real change. Students learn why this approach is most effective in addressing problems of power: enabling people to mobilize the power/resources they need to solve their problems by working together or by challenging others who hold power over them. A successful organizing project solves a community problem, creates new community capacity, and develops new community leadership.

LOA 2012 Sample Case Study


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