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Art and Practice of Leadership Development: A Master Class for Professional Trainers, Educators, and Consultants

Program Session(s):
May 11, 2018 - May 18, 2018

Application Deadline(s):
March 11, 2018

Program Fee:$9,500

Program fee includes: tuition, housing, curricular materials, and most meals.

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Faculty Chair: Ron Heifetz

Program Director: Pia Agliati

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Across the globe, public, private, and nonprofit organizations must fortify their people to lead in complex environments with extraordinary thought, heart, and skill. They must generate high aspirations and mobilize multiple stakeholders toward innovative solutions to key strategic decisions. Significant resources are invested in training, coaching, and mentoring top professionals to be prepared for today’s challenges. More than ever, leadership development practitioners must ensure that these senior-level executives possess the right competencies and skills to successfully adapt to new and unforeseen realities.

The Art and Practice of Leadership Development is an intensive Harvard Kennedy School executive program designed to engage leadership development professionals, including consultants, teachers, and trainers from around the world. Here, you will work closely with experienced colleagues and a faculty of distinguished leadership educators to examine a range of concepts and teaching methods. Throughout the program, a number of thought-provoking questions will be investigated, including:

» What common assumptions do people in your organization and community have about leadership? How do these assumptions limit the way they learn and practice leadership?

» In what ways do the dynamics of your organization support or impede leadership development activity?

» What is the difference between the practice of leadership development and other personal development work?

» What tools are available for leadership development?

» What is the place in leadership development for values, passion, and character?

» What are the ethics of leadership development, especially when using experiential methods?

The Art and Practice of Leadership Development is a highly interactive and experiential program with considerable time dedicated to debriefing and reflection. The program will also provide you with the opportunity to personally reflect upon your own practices and uncover new ways of thinking about the requirements for strengthening people’s capacity to practice leadership in today’s evolving global environment.

"The Art and Practice of Leadership Development throws us together as colleagues for an intense week of illustrating, examining, and experiencing questions about our own beliefs and practice; unearthing and then exploring some of our deeply-held assumptions about leadership and pedagogy; and experimenting in real time with the ideas we are talking about. For those of us on the faculty, it is a highlight of our year and a significant annual passage in our own professional development." 
Marty Linsky, Former Faculty Chair

“More so than any other program, this one goes right to the heart of leadership.” ~ Participant, APL

“I learned very little about what I'd expected to learn, but I learned a great deal in the ‘don't know you don't know’ category. My learning will continue long after the course's conclusion because of the numerous opportunities to practice what I have learned.” ~ Participant, APL

“I did not come to this program to learn about myself.  I came to learn methods.  What most influenced me was the learning about myself and how that will impact my teaching.” ~Participant, APL


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