Executive Education Programs By Portfolio

Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School offers programs for leaders from around the world. We bring together experienced professionals, a world-class faculty, and a dynamic curriculum in a setting where the common denominator is a shared commitment to public value. The result is a lasting transformational leadership experience. We have developed the most comprehensive range of executive education programs in public leadership available anywhere in the world.

Executive Education offers more than 35 programs a year in six portfolio areas.


Executive Skill Development

Each of the programs in the Executive Skill Development Portfolio aims to enhance specific skills essential to successful leadership and strategic management. Individual programs focus on personal leadership, organizational performance strategies, negotiation, creating innovative solutions to public problems through collaboration across sectors and jurisdictions, leadership during crisis, and judgment and decision making.


Federal and national government managers face a variety of complex challenges, ranging from the effects of globalization to quantum leaps in information technology. The Federal Portfolio programs have been created primarily to serve the professional development needs of elected, appointed, and career government officials. These programs have also proven valuable for senior managers in nonprofit and private sector organizations that work closely with federal or national agencies.


The world’s most pressing global issues demand leaders who can work in dynamic, contested arenas with public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders across geopolitical, economic, and cultural boundaries. The programs in the Global Portfolio help expand and enrich participants’ technical understanding and policy expertise while providing leadership skills and strategies to effect change within existing policy frameworks.

National Security

National security leadership around the globe requires effective interaction among many diverse groups, including military officers, senior civilian officials, political appointees, Congress, the media, and leaders from industry and international organizations. These programs provide a forum for senior executives to deepen their understanding of current security issues, exercise their evaluation and decision making skills, and sharpen the personal skills necessary to work successfully within a group environment.


The Nonprofit/NGO Portfolio programs give leaders the skills and analytical frameworks necessary to lead results-driven organizations to better accomplish their missions and create greater impact. These programs cover topics including leadership, strategic management, financial stewardship, board governance, performance measurement, and partnership and collaboration. This portfolio includes Executive Education Online programs and a program delivered in Europe, designed to reach leaders around the world. Participants are able to apply concepts, techniques, and faculty feedback to their work as they progress through the programs, allowing immediate impact at their organizations.

State and Local

Senior executives in state and local governments face greater demands today than at any time in recent decades. The State and Local Portfolio programs provide a balance of traditional and hands-on learning experiences to help senior public officials meet the changing needs of their constituents and communities. These programs cover topics such as leadership, negotiations, public-private partnerships, cooperative governance, and the relationship between citizens and their government.

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