"The exercises that took place in the classroom at Harvard Kennedy School felt like an extension of my work. The concepts and framework for discussion were highly relevant, and the give and take with faculty and colleagues encouraged me to challenge my own assumptions and think differently. "

Margaret Drain, Vice President, National Programming, WGBH Educational Foundation


"Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School offered an intellectual breath of fresh air that continues to fuel my approach to strategic leadership. It provided a tremendous opportunity to interact with senior leaders from the US and around the world. The faculty and guest speakers pushed us to think broadly about issues we typically do not have time to consider in our everyday work environments."

C. Robert Kehler, General, US Air Force, Program for Senior Executives in National and International Security


“There are many places you can go for professional development but, when it comes to providing a superior learning experience, deep academic resources, and practical advice for improving your abilities and performance, you can’t beat the Executive Education programs at Harvard Kennedy School. For me, it was literally a life-changing experience.”

Gela Bezhuashuili, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Georgia


"I came to Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School with the notion that I would polish my negotiation skills and grow to be better equipped for dealing with complex management challenges. In addition to the coursework, which exceeded even my expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of classroom learning and the many opportunities to glean a wealth of experience from my classmates - that mix became extraordinarily useful in finding solutions and practical applications on the job.”

William C. Keisler, Deputy Director, Office of Competitive Sourcing – U.S. Department of Labor

“My time at Harvard Kennedy School gave me an opportunity to step back, work with colleagues and talented faculty, and think about my priorities and goals for the long run. The people I met during the Executive Education program have become a real support system. We make each other better. It was an energizing experience that I still draw from regularly in my work.”


Mary C. Selecky, Secretary of Health, Washington State Department of Health



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