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Sujata Bhatia, FAS Faculty



Sujata Bhatia MD, PhD, PE is a physician, bioengineer, and professionally licensed chemical engineer who serves on the teaching faculty of biomedical engineering at Harvard University.  She is the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Studies in Biomedical Engineering at Harvard; she is the academic advisor for all Harvard undergraduate students in bioengineering and biomedical engineering.  She has also been appointed an Assistant Dean of the Harvard Summer School; in this capacity, she supervises the academic progress and well-being of several hundred undergraduates each summer, and serves on the Summer School Dean's Council.  In addition, she is an Associate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government for the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project; she works with students on projects for medical innovation in Africa, as well as global engineering education. Sujata has personally mentored several Harvard undergraduates to complete innovative research and design projects that advance the field of bioengineering.  She has demonstrated a strong commitment not only to biomedical engineering research, but also to education, community outreach, and student life. More...





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