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Eric Rosenbach, Guest Speaker



Eric Rosenbach was appointed the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy on September 26, 2011.   In this capacity, he supports the Secretary of Defense and other senior Department of Defense leaders by formulating, recommending, integrating, and implementing policies and strategies to improve DoD's ability to operate in cyberspace.
Mr. Rosenbach recently led the global cybersecurity practice at Good Harbor Consulting, where he advised the executives of Fortune 500 companies on cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies.

Mr. Rosenbach previously worked as the Executive Director of the Belfer Center for International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School. He managed the Center's operations, taught classes on cybersecurity and counterterrorism policy and co-directed a joint Harvard/Massachusetts Institute of Technology project on international cybersecurity policy.

Prior to his work at Harvard, Mr. Rosenbach served as national security advisor for Senator Chuck Hagel and as a professional staff member on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).   During his time on the SSCI, he provided oversight of Intelligence Community counterterrorism programs and led two investigations of prewar intelligence on Iraq.

Mr. Rosenbach worked as the Chief Security Officer for the largest pan-European internet service provider. As the Chief Security Officer, he was responsible for the cybersecurity of the firm's service delivery network and implemented the firm's first-ever risk management strategy.

Mr. Rosenbach served for several years as an Army intelligence officer in Europe, where he provided communications intelligence in direct support of commanders in Bosnia and Kosovo.  As a captain, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and the Director of Central Intelligence named his unit as the top intelligence organization in the U.S. military for two consecutive years.
Mr. Rosenbach has co-authored and co-edited several books on national security issues.  He was a Fulbright Scholar. He holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown, Masters of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College.





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