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Doris Sommer, FAS Faculty



Doris Sommer is Director of the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University. See  Cultural Agents promote social development through arts and humanities, especially through Pre-Texts, a multi-art and high-order literacy program that can be reproduced at low costs and that features conflict resolution for school and out of school settings. Sommer is Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of African and African American Studies at Harvard. Her research includes 19th-Century novels that helped to consolidate Latin American republics, the aesthetics of minority literature, including multilingual virtuosity, and she is now focused on art's constructive work in expanding rights and resources. Among her books are Foundational Fictions: The National Romances of Latin America (1991); Proceed with Caution when Engaged by Minority Literature (1999); Bilingual Aesthetics: A New Sentimental Education (2004); Bilingual Games: Some Literary Investigations, edited, 2004); and Cultural Agency in the Americas edited (2006), and the forthcoming Ripple Effects: the Work of Art in the World. Professor  Professor Sommer has enjoyed and is dedicated to developing good public school education; she has a B.A. from New Jersey's Douglass College for Women,  and her Ph.D. from Rutgers The State University.




Global Change Agents

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