Each Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program has its own admissions criteria, application deadline, and tuition fee. Please visit the webpage for the program of your choice and select the “Admissions” tab on the left to learn more about program-specific requirements.

The general criteria for admission to HKS Executive Education programs are as follows:

- Most executive programs are designed for participants with at least 10 years of work experience, however there are no formal educational requirements for admission.

- Fluency in written and spoken English is mandatory.

- Should a letter of recommendation be required, you will be contacted by the Admissions Committee.

Visa Requirements

As a program participant, you are responsible for securing the appropriate visas (B1 Visa) and travel documents you need to travel to the country in which your program is located. Once admitted to a program, the Program Director can provide you with a letter as documentation for your visa application. Please note that you should request a B-1 visa and not an F-l student visa for attendance to a program. Program participants are not considered full-time enrolled students at Harvard University, and they are therefore not eligible for Harvard’s F-l student visa sponsorship. Because the time required to obtain a visa can be lengthy, we encourage applicants from outside the United States to apply at least 12 weeks before the start date of each program.

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